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If you’ve always wanted to help foster children, but are not in a position to foster or adopt, mentoring could be the perfect way to make a difference in the life of young adults in foster care. Foster youth currently in the system, and those who age out of foster care, often times lack the independent life skills and social networks needed to be successful in their young adult life. However, a relationship with a positive male role model can help guide and encourage the young men in our homes through their foster care journey. The supportive, healthy relationships formed between mentors and mentees are both immediate and long-term and contribute to a host of benefits for both parties involved. An ideal match would be someone who can commit to attending a one time training and background screening along with spending time with the youth at least once a month and being that consistent caring adult the youth can turn to for advice and resources. Below are BIO’s for each youth seeking a mentor. If you are interested in learning more about the Angels’ Arms mentor program, please contact Cassady Lesniak at 314-842-8400 or email cassady@angelsarms.org.

We have six male youth currently on a waiting list to be matched with a mentor.

Alan – 18-year-old male and a senior in high school. Currently working at a sub shop and a retail-clothing store. Work is his number one priority. He is currently saving for a car. He is very driven when he has a goal. He does not want to attend college after high school and wants to go out into the workforce but isn’t sure what field of work he wants to pursue. He is very active, likes music and sports. He is very independent and outgoing.

Alex G. – 18 year old male and recent high school graduate. Alex is interested in Ranken Tech and wants to be a mechanic. One day he hopes to work on motorcycles. Alex likes to play guitar and sing and is currently searching for employment. He is new to the area he lives in and does not have many friends or people to talk to.

Jason – 17-year old male and a senior in high school. Not sure what he wants to do after high school. Needs a mentor who will help him get motivated. Jason is very opinionated, sociable and not afraid to speak his mind. He lives life day to day and enjoys video games and watching television. Working as a painter this summer.

Aaron – 15-year old male and a sophomore in high school. Very active, currently working at a fast food restaurant. Enjoys watching television and playing video games.

Alex – 15-year old male, freshman in high school. Very active, plays sports, loves taking things apart and putting them back together, doing yard work, and tinkering with things. Enjoys playing video games and listening to music.

Gage -14-year old male, enjoys playing the guitar and spending time outdoors.




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