Frequently Asked Questions

How many children do you serve?
Over the past 17 years, Angels’ Arms has served around 600 children. The number of children living in Angels’ Arms’ homes fluctuates, but the homes can accommodate up to six children at any given time.
How many homes do you have?
Angels’ Arms has 13 homes located throughout St. Louis City and County and St. Charles County.
Are the house parents employees of Angels’ Arms?
No. The house parents do not receive a salary from Angels’ Arms. All foster parents receive a stipend from the state to take care of each foster child. Angels’ Arms was created to furnish homes and to provide resources for house parents so that they can take in children that need a home.
What happens to the children when they leave the home?
The Children’s Division, through the state of Missouri, decides the placement of every child. The primary goal is to reunify children with their birth parents, but many children leave to live with a relative or are adopted.
How long can a child stay in the home?
Children stay as long as they are in need of a loving home.
Do you receive any state or federal funding?
No. Angels’ Arms exists because of the generosity of our community.
How many volunteers do you have?
Angels’ Arms is blessed with over 200 volunteers who donate their time and efforts in various capacities, but there’s always room for more. Volunteers are the backbone of all of our fundraising events and programs.
How many people does Angels’ Arms employ and where is your office?
Angels’ Arms has six full-time employees and two part-time employees. Our office is located in South County on Tesson Ferry Road near 270.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes. Angels’ Arms is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible organization that meets the 20 Standards for Charity Accountability from the Better Business Bureau. After making a donation, you will receive an acknowledgement letter that can be used for a tax deduction.
Where can I find your Privacy Policy?
Our privacy policy can be found by clicking here.
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