What is it about a child, especially a child who feels loved and cared for? There’s something special, and it’s noticeable at very first glance. It could be the pep in their step, their content demeanor or even the toothy grin plastered across their face.

And that’s what we want for all Angels’ Arms children. So, we’re breaking it down and asking you to help us make sure that each Angels’ Arms child has a chance to walk the walk and carry the smile of a child well loved.

And all it takes is a gift from you. Once a month.

By joining Halo, our monthly giving program, you are making an investment in the lives of foster children. Your recurring tax-deductible donation is the most convenient, efficient and effective way to provide the stable funding we need to support our foster families.

It’s very easy!  Simply donate HERE:

Your monthly donation will directly contribute to our Welcome Fund, which provides any immediate needs a child may have when they enter and Angels’ Arms home such as clothing, shoes and toiletry products.

Members of Halo will receive frequent updates on the children in our homes and how your funds are being used. On top of frequent updates, members will also receive a welcome T-shirt that dawns our new 20th anniversary logo.

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