Although in existence only since 2000, Angels’ Arms has changed the lives of over 600 children, including over 140 sibling groups, by providing them with a loving home and allowing them to thrive in a happy, functional family setting.

Children entering an Angels’ Arms home are met with acceptance and love and immediately learn about their role in their new family. So many foster children don’t know how a family works or what it means to be a family member. But the house parents quickly involve all foster children in activities such as chores, extra-curricular activities, homework, eating together as a family, peaceful problem solving, sharing, and more.

Meet Angels’ Arms Staff

Meet the people making it happen.

Mission Statement

Angels’ Arms engages the community to support foster families in our loving homes and beyond, keeping siblings together, and allowing kids to surpass the limits of foster care.

Vision Statement

Foster children deserve the chance to be children, to be part of a family, and to live up to their potential. To achieve this, Angels’ Arms provides homes, resources and emotional support to experienced foster parents so that they can raise the standard of care for foster children. Angels’ Arms strives to keep sibling groups together, and partners with foster parents, community supporters, organizations and other non-profits to provide a loving home environment and help our children become successful citizens. Angels’ Arms will become the national, knowledgeable authority to which decision makers turn for counsel about foster children and their needs.

Every child who enters an Angels’ Arms’ home is welcomed with open arms and gets to experience the joy of being a part of a family.
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