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750+ Children in the
Angels' Arms Family

Our Mission

Engage local communities.  Provide homes, resources, and experiences. Keep siblings together.  

Our Work

Community Supported Fostering

"Helping to bridge the gap in the foster care system"

Youth Supportive Services

"Equipping foster youth for their futures"

Essential Resource Distribution

"Supplying key items to foster families"
Our Impact

15 Homes

700+ Children

250+ SIbling Groups

100% Graduation Rate

1000+ Volunteers

Upcoming Fundraisers
3 of our foster parents Awarded Citizens of the Year!

South County Angels’ Arms foster parents Barb Bocklage and Lawreene & Will Hall were honored this February as the Southwest Area Chamber of Commerce’s Citizens of the Year! 

“Barb has been a foster mom for 29 years and came to Angels’ Arms in 2012. Lawreene and Will began fostering in 2013, and joined the Angels’ Arms Family in 2020. In their combined 40 years of fostering, these parents have gone above and beyond for every child who was placed in their care.

When you meet them, you begin to understand that these are very special people. People who love and care for children, and are willing to sacrifice more than you can imagine to give them the life they deserve.

This labor of love requires parenting, mentoring, being a counselor and a constant shoulder to lean on. Barb, Lawreene and Will open their homes to youth in need, providing them with a place to belong in our community. Their mission is not only to provide a nurturing, loving home for foster youth, but to give them a normal family experience, while preparing the older youth for independence.

It’s one thing to parent our biological or adopted children, it’s quite another thing to be a parent to children who have never been shown a reason to trust adults. Building that trust requires broad shoulders and strong, loving hearts. They take in youngsters who often don’t understand why they have been ripped away from the lives they knew, and put into foster care with people who are strangers. And instead of remaining strangers, these three quickly show the kids what love really is, giving them another chance.

Barb, Lawreene and Will make a difference in countless lives that might otherwise have been forgotten or neglected. And we all benefit, because when youngsters leave their care, often as young adults, they now have an opportunity to make the entire world a better place — all because of what they learned from these incredible parents.”  — Mary Meyer, Board Secretary of the Angels’ Arms Board of Directors

Angels' Arms is growing!


Angels’ Arms is proud to be adding on TWO (2) newly built foster homes in Festus, MO! The first of the two homes was completed in fall of 2022 and the second home was finished in late January 2023!  The ever growing foster care needs in Jefferson County have been on our radar for some time now and thanks to the financial support from generous individuals, Angels’ Arms is able to impact the system once again in a much needed way!  Be sure to follow us on Angels’ Arms Facebook page for updates!

🤍 April 29Official announcement of 2 new homes.

🤍 June 3Groundbreaking Day on foster home #14!

🤍October 6 – Groundbreaking Day on foster home #15!

🤍November 28Foster family seeing their newly built home (home #14) for the first time!

🤍February 3 – Open House for foster home #14!

Our Community

The Ronnoco House

Ronnoco Coffee Company has adopted an Angels’ Arms house in Ballwin and will provide ongoing support to this family including everything from birthday parties to home maintenance, holiday adoptions and more. We’re so grateful to Ronnoco Coffee Company for their commitment to our children. Interested in becoming an Angels’ Arms Home Sponsor? Please reach out to Bess Wilfong.

“Angels’ Arms is an extended family to us …”

– Angels’ Arms foster mom

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