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Foster Family

The Clothing Fairy

At least three times per year, Angels’ Arms supporter Sylvia Zedan donates children’s clothing to Angels’ Arms foster families. The clothing is always new and always from Kohls. She saves her 30% off coupons and hits the sale and clearance racks. She loves to shop for boy’s clothes, especially, and has become a master at snagging the best deals. “I go when they have the big sales. I found a pair of pants in the clearance rack for $12 dollars and thought; I can do better than that. I went back a week later and the same pants were now $8. That’s more my price.”

She’s been shopping for our Angels’ Arms kids since August of 2011. She learned about Angels’ Arms through Zip Rzeppa. “I have always respected Zip and thought I should look into the organization he’s involved with.” She attended an event where she noticed some kids were wearing old t-shirts and wanted to help get them new clothes. She’s never looked back.

Every Easter, back-to-school season and Christmas, Sylvia drops off bags and bags of brand new boys clothes, complete with tags. She lets the foster moms and kids pick out their favorites outfits. Her support has meant so much to Angels’ Arms and the kids who benefit from her donations.


In Memory of Dan Reilly


A dear friend and long time supporter of Angels’ Arms recently passed away. The enthusiasm he brought to each event was something we’ll always remember. Dan was the first one to volunteer to sell tickets to the cooler of booze raffle at our fundraisers. He went to all of his buddies in Soulard to get gift cards for the auction. He wore beads and greeted everyone with the most radiating smile imaginable. And then there were the hugs and the kisses many of us were lucky enough to get.

He was a beloved employee at Anheuser Busch and his fellow co-workers honored him with a special toast and by wearing his favorite color, red. It was a beautiful moment which you can watch HERE.

You will always be with us, Dan. Your spirit will forever be among us. Thank you for showing us how to truly live  life, regardless of the challenges one faces.

Your Angels’ Arms Family