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Send a Care Package to a College Youth

We’re happy to announce that we have eight Life Launch youth who are enrolled at a local college or trade school and begin classes in mid-August. To help them start the school year on the right foot, we would like to make sure each youth gets a care package filled with the essentials.

Here are some care package ideas:

  • A note of encouragement
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Snacks/granola bars/candy/gum
  • Self-help books for young adults 
  • Gas Gift Cards to help them get to and from school
  • Fast Food Gift Cards for those late night study sessions
  • Target and/or Walgreens Gift Cards to help with school supplies and urgent needs

Below is a short bio about each college youth in our homes:

  1. Jake, 22, is starting his 3rd year at Meramec where he will be taking classes in Construction Management. His plan is to transfer to a university next semester or in the fall of 2019. He is also working full time while he is in school. 
  2. Josh, 20, is a sophomore at Meramec. He is taking his general education requirements before transferring to a university next fall. His plan is to get a degree to become a youth counselor.
  3. Alan, 19, is starting the Dealership Automotive 2-year program at Ranken Technology. 
  4. Jason, 18, is a freshman at Meramec. He plans on completing his general education classes before transferring to a university to pursue a medical degree.
  5. Alex, 19, is starting the HVAC program at American Trade School where he will become a fully certified HVAC technician. 
  6. Hannah, 19, is a sophomore at SEMO. She is pursuing a Nursing Degree.
  7. Jaa’Kena, 19, is enrolled in the Crave Beauty Academy’s full-time cosmetology program. 
  8. Faith, 19, is a sophomore at St. Charles Community College. Faith want’s to become a family lawyer. If you would like to send a care package to a youth, email