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Foster Homes

2nd Ballwin Home – Opened In 2008

Foster Parent – Kasondra McDaniel

Kasondra has been fostering for two years now and has fostered five children including two sibling groups. Fun fact: Kasondra and Kim, one of our current house parents, are sisters. So not only are we helping foster siblings, but we also have siblings doing the fostering!


Why My Family Fosters:

“My sister Kim has been fostering for over 20 years and during those years our family has met hundreds of children in her care. Every family gathering she would have new children for us to meet and love. Every time she would ask me, ‘When are you going to start fostering?’ She is quite the recruiter. At the time, my biological children were much younger and I told her maybe when my kids are older. 

Kim got a call about a very special sibling set that she had a couple years prior coming back into care. My daughters and I were very sad because we truly loved them. Kim did not have available space to take on three more kiddos, so she asked me again, ‘Are you ready?’ I discussed it with my daughters and we said yes. We wanted to step up as a family and help another family in need so I started out as a kinship placement five years ago. 

My family and I foster to help make a difference in children’s lives. We want to help the children and their family during a very difficult time. Providing a safe and loving environment for children to have an opportunity to heal and feel successful. I am truly grateful for Kim, Angels’ Arms, and the community of supporters that have helped me in my foster care journey. You make my role as a foster parent less stressful, as well as feeling completely supported and loved. “