1st South County Home – Opened in 2003

Now home to the Angels’ Arms office and the Launch Pad, a transitional apartment for our foster youth.

Eligible Angels’ Arms young adults can apply to live in the Launch Pad where they pay rent (which is reimbursed upon exiting the program), and learn independent living skills with the continued support of the Life Launch program and the Angels’ Arms family.

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1st Ballwin Home – Opened in 2005

Foster Parents – Phyllis and Eldon Hackman

Phyllis and Eldon have been with Angels’ Arms for 14 years and in that time have cared for 40 teenage boys. Phyllis and Eldon have been foresting children in need for a total of 18 years and have fostered a total of 112 boys. Phyllis started fostering because, while she was growing up, her aunt fostered children for 50 years.

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South County Home – Opened in 2017

Foster Parents – Lawreene and Will Hall

Lawreene and Will have fostered for over six years and have five foster children with them currently, four of whom are siblings. They take elevated needs children and are in the process of completing their therapeutic classes.

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Florissant Home – Opened in 2007

Foster Mom – Cathy Miller

Cathy has been fostering children for two years, but started out as a licensed respite provider. She has been around the fostering community for 14 years – ever since her mom, Anne, started fostering. Cathy currently has three girls living in her home. 

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2nd Ballwin Home – Opened in 2008

Foster Parents – Kasondra McDaniel

Kasondra has been fostering for two years now and has fostered five children including two sibling groups. Fun fact: Kasondra and Kim, one of our current house parents, are sisters. So not only are we helping foster siblings, but we also have siblings doing the fostering!

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1st O’Fallon Home – Opened in 2010

Foster Parents – Jenny and Shane Tripp

Jenny and Shane have been with Angels’ Arms for eight years and during that time, have fostered 24 children of all ages. Jenny and Shave have been fostering for a total 10 years. 

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2nd South County Home – Opened in 2012

Foster Mom – Barb Bocklage

Barb has been with Angels’ Arms for eight years and during that time has cared for 37 teenage boys and young men. She has been fostering for 27 years total.

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3rd O’Fallon Home – Opened in 2012

Foster Parents – Margie and Ed Hopper

Margie and Ed have been with Angels’ Arms for eight years and during that time has cared for 42 children. They have been fostering for 15 years total and have recently were able to reunite two sisters in their care with their biological father.

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O’Fallon Home – Opened in 2012

Foster Parents – Heather and Aaron Craig

Heather and Aaron have been with Angels’ Arms for one year, but have been fostering children for three years. During their time with Angels’ Arms so far, they have helped three foster children in need.

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St. Louis City Home – Opened in 2014

Foster Parent – Brittnay Jewett

Brittnay is a fifth-grade teacher and has been with Angels’ Arms for one year, but has been fostering children in need for two years. During her one year with Angels’ Arms, she has helped 24 children.

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3rd Ballwin Home – Open July 2015

Foster Parents – Kim and David Blumenthal

Kim and David have been with Angels’ Arms for 5 years, and during their time with Angels’ Arms, have given 32 kids a place to call home. Before becoming Angels’ Arms foster parents, they had been fostering children for 13 years.

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2nd Florissant Home – Opened March 2016

Foster mom – Ramona Spencer

Ramona has been an Angels’ Arms foster mother for six of her seven years fostering children of all ages. During her time with Angels’ Arms so far, her home has been a sanctuary for 15 children.

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2nd St. Louis City Home – Opened August 2017

Foster parents – Mary and Jim McDevitt

Mary and Jim McDevitt have been fostering for over seven years and they focus on caring for infants with medical needs. They’ve dedicated their lives to helping foster children.

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