DenimQuilts Provide Comfort to Foster Kids

May 24th was an exciting day at Angels’ Arms! 💙 

Our friend Julie Treloar paid us a visit to drop off special gifts for two new youth in our homes, including the 2,000th quilt made by DenimQuilts. 

These one-of-a-kind blankets provide so much warmth and comfort to the children in our homes. Over the last 10 years, each child that has set foot in an Angels’ Arms home has received one. 

Thank you to Julie Treloar, Sally Safranski and all the DenimQuilts volunteers for giving our kids something of their very own to treasure forever.

⬇️In honor of their 10th Anniversary, below at TEN FUN FACTS about DenimQuilts:
1. DenimQuilts recycles and repurposes old jeans, blankets, and other fabrics to make their custom made quilts.
2. Denim Quilts was founded by friends Sally Safranski and Julie Treloar in 2009.
3. The first ever made quilt was donated to an Angels’ Arms child.
4. The 1,000th quilt was also donated to an Angels’ Arms child in 2016.
5. More than 40 volunteers collect, sort and cut the fabric and help assemble the quilts.
6. Four yards of fabric are needed for each quilt
7. It takes about 25 to 40 hours to make each quilt
8. Each quilt is adorned with a jean pocket, personalized with the recipients’ names, favorite sports, characters, hobbies, and interests.
9. DenimQuilts has supported over 40 organizations through donated quilts.
10. Denim Quilts has donated over 250 quilts to Angels’ Arms kids.

To learn more about this amazing group, check out their facebook page!

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