Getting to know Hannah


I can’t believe it’s been a year since I joined the Angels’ Arms family and since we’ve moved into our new office. Working so close to Hughes family, I’ve gotten to know Hannah pretty well. What an amazing young lady she is becoming. She is a member of a South County dance team, and is having such a wonderful time with it. I enjoy watching her do what she loves the most and can’t wait to see her at her next recital. She wanted me to pass along a short message to all of you. Enjoy!

Amber Odom
Angels’ Arms Administrative Assistant

A message from Hannah:
“Hello everyone! My name is Hannah, I’m a sophomore in high school and I live with the Hughes Family.  I am on the South County YMCA Studio All Star dance team thanks to Angels’ Arms. I do a variety of different dance styles including hip hop (my favorite), lyrical (my second favorite), tap, jazz, modern, and contemporary. To say the least, dance is beyond my favorite thing to do. Dance is my get away place. It is where all of the bad things in my life seem to disappear.”

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