If the Shoe Fits

Over the weekend, our Junior Board held our annual BBQ for all of our foster families. We grilled, played and laughed. On top of that, the kids were given a very special surprise. Sneakers with Soul is an organization dedicated to positively impacting children in the greater St. Louis area; their mission is to ensure that one day no child will go back to school without a new pair of shoes. Maurice “Moe” Parisien, the founder and president of Sneakers with Soul, and his wife joined us at the BBQ where he made sure all of the new Adidas shoes fit our kids just right. We were blown away by the generosity of Moe and his organization. “Thanks so much for this generous donation,” one of our foster parents exclaimed. “The kids LOVE their new kicks!” There’s something special about a brand-new pair of tennis shoes to start off a new school year.

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