Help with meals


The struggle (to keep the pantry stocked) is real.

Summer time for foster families means having to provide 3 meals per day for 6+ children, not to mention all the snacks.

The next time you are at the grocery store, please pick up a few extra things and drop them off to the Angels’ Arms office OR at any of the 11 Angels’ Arms homes.

The families would love any of the following items: milk, bread, eggs, cheese, fruits, vegetables, ground beef, chicken, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, frozen pizzas, Hot Pockets, pudding and fruit cups, peanut butter, snack bars, mac n’ cheese, oatmeal packs, cereal, cereal and cereal.

To see which families need groceries, click HERE
If you would like to make a meal for a family instead, click HERE
To donate funds towards groceries, click HERE

If you would like more info or have questions, please contact Amber Odom at 314.842.8400 or email

Thank you in advance for your support!

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