Dreamin’ of the Smoky Mountains

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*Update: Thanks to three generous donors, the trips have been fully funded complete with spending money. Special thanks to Margaret S. for making sure both boys were able to enjoy this trip, along with Stephanie H. and Michelle K. for ensuring the boys have spending money.

Two of our 5th graders would like to visit the Great Smoky Mountains with their class in April 2016.

Ethan and Justin, 11 year olds from our Ballwin home, are seeking sponsors for their class trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. They each need $415 to cover all travel/lodging/food expenses. Please help us send them on this trip of a lifetime. Their trip deposits of $135 each are due by October 24, 2015.

Click HERE to donate. Any donation amount ($10, $25, $50) would help Ethan and Justin get that much closer to exploring the beautiful ancient mountains, learning about the diversity of plant/animal life as well as all about the Southern Appalachian mountain culture.

Below is a personal request for support from Ethan and Justin:

“The 5th grade Smoky Mountain trip is all¬†about learning new things, like new plants, animals, and other things of life.¬† The reason I want to go is because I want to learn those things and study new things like insects, beautiful rocks and cool waterfalls which I want to see.¬† Also, people say it is an AWESOME place.” ~ Ethan

“I, Justin, would like to go to the Smoky Mountains because I would learn about nocturnal animals and take a hike to the waterfall.¬† Also, I love to find new rocks for my collection, meet new people, and I would have a lot of fun.¬† To learn about the outdoors and see new things, that is why I would like to go on this trip.” ~ Justin

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