Dean Team Makes Car Dreams Come True

Angels’ Arms Team Members with Wes Gallegos from Dean Team

Shopping for a new car can be a daunting task. For Angels’ Arms team members Bess Wilfong and Jasmina Schue, it was a very fun experience, all thanks to our friends at the Dean Team.

In 2013, we purchased our very first Angels’ Arms van, a used (and very well loved) 2005 Ford Limited Freestar. We bought it from a long-time supporter for a very humble price and for six years, it was our go-to form of transportation for picking up donations such as furniture for our homes, cereal, paper products and food collected by local schools, churches, and organizations. Every holiday season, we picked up hundreds of gifts from Secret Santas in our community and every spring we packed the van with mulch and plants for volunteer groups who donated their time sprucing up the yards at our homes. It also came in handy when delivering event supplies to dozens of fundraisers over the years. After clocking 100K+ miles and many bumps and scratches along the way, it was time to find a more reliable vehicle for our organization and we knew exactly who to turn to.

The Dean Team has been helping our foster youth purchase their new (used) cars for some time now. Four young adults in our Life Launch program have worked with Wes Gallegos at Dean Team to find the perfect car within their budget. Wes helped guide each youth through what can typically be a very nerve-wracking process, especially when many of them did not have family members to lean on for support.

“It was my pleasure to serve the youth of Angels’ Arms and help them find safe and reliable vehicles to drive.”

– Wes Gallegos, Dean Team

“Pat Dean has been supporting Angels’ Arms for several years in other capacities, and now he’s making sure our older youth have the opportunity to purchase a vehicle as part of their path to independence.  We know our youth are in good hands with the Dean Team.”

– Bess Wilfong, Angels’ Arms

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  • author-hexa-bg

    My father lost his best friend almost 15 years ago and along with him a piece of himself he has never gotten back he has been looking for a 1966 mustang gt that is navy blue with baby blue interior I have herd about this car my entire life and it would literally save his life please help me

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