Happy National Mentor Appreciation Month!

DID YOU KNOW….January is National Mentor Appreciation Month, and the perfect month to begin our journey with Life Launch’s mentor program!


Each of our youth, ages 14-21 have the potential to achieve anything they put their minds to…be it graduating college to pursue careers in media or engineering or giving to others through a career in nursing. But to get there, they must overcome the obstacles life has thrown their way. Their stories reflect the trauma of child abuse and neglect, loss of siblings and parents, people moving quickly in and out of their lives and ALL before finding a home in Angels’ Arms. Many fear what the future holds because their past and present are often painful to confront BUT THEY ARE NOT WITHOUT HOPE!!

HOPE of a reliable adult who can walk beside them and won’t give up on them. HOPE of a relationship with someone who will hear what they have to say and encourage their voice. HOPE of a connection to new opportunities. HOPE of a friend to challenge them to dream and strive to achieve that dream.

Their call has been heard, with over 20 mentor applicants stepping up for our youth!! From attorneys and teachers to retirees and graduate students, each person brings with them valuable life experiences, passion impacting the community, and the excitement of being the first to make this endeavor with the youth!

Do you have what it takes to be a mentor? Check out us out at angelsarm.org/life-launch to learn more! Contact Amanda O’Neal at amanda@angelsarms.org with any questions about how you can make a difference in the life of a youth!

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